Saturday, July 31, 2010


We had visitors come to Texas!!! Nana, Papa, and uncle TJ came to see us after having a Flooring America conference in Houston. Too bad is was only a week after we had been with them in Utah, but we'll take em when we can get em! We had so much fun and were finally able to get out and have some good ol Texas fun.
(The boys were obsessed with TJ's i.....something. One of those "i" things)

We went and took a tour of the new Cowboys stadium. Holy crap. They are not kidding about the size of that screen! I can only imagine what a Garth concert would be like at this place....

Playing on the field

Fun in the end zone!

Jared wishing he was a skanky Cowboys cheerleader
                                  Trevor, Jared, and Parker in the player's lockerroom                                
                                They boys holding a press conference after the big game                                           
                             We also braved the insane heat and spent the day at 6 FLAGS!
It was soooo hot!
This kid is fearless on the rides! He was so sad that he was barely too short for some of the rollercoasters.

He somehow talked his dad and Nana into riding this one with him. This is when they started out. Notice their smiles?

A couple of seconds later....not such a good idea after all :)

And Tage was heartbroken because he was too little for that one. So sad.
But daddy saved the day and won these...
By doing this!...His kids were so proud!
It was so much fun!
Nana, Papa, and TJ left 2 days before Tage's 2nd birthday so we had a little celebration before we sent them off.
He's so funny
We'll miss you guys! Hopefully next time you come you won't have to sleep on a couch in a tiny living room!

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