Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Grass, dirt, and 4th of July fun

We had a very busy 4th of July weekend. We started out by laying sod in our backyard. I can't stand having dirt in my house and on my child so I must give myself some major props. I was so good! I let Parker roll around in that big pile of dirt without saying a word! Jared was really proud of me. In the 3 day process of leveling the yard and laying the sod I think Parker had like 6 baths. I was also up until 2:00 am the night after the sod was put in cleaning my house. There is nothing like a clean house and a clean kid to help you sleep better right?

We were lame parents on the 4th and didn't take Parker to see a parade or anything. Infact, the only way he saw fireworks was because we just so happen to be at my parents house that night and the neighbors were lighting fireworks so we joined in on the fun.

Besides putting grass in our backyard, we also cleaned the cars, the walls, the floors, the laundry room, painted and hung bead board in the baby's room, then cleaned the garage.

Here are my boys hard at work. (Pictures of the baby's room will come soon)

We did manage to have a little fun. Parker ran through the sprinklers and we went swimming in our neighborhood pool. Man, I'm tired just remembering all of this!

Oh ya, AND I'm still pregnant! Seriously! This picture was at week 38. I'm now at week 40 and still counting. For all you people who have baby's early, I hate you.