Thursday, February 14, 2008

Best Valentines day EVER!!!!

So the day didn't start out all that great. What do you know, snow again. I got up early so I could make sure Jared had breakfast and by the time I found my car (burried in 3 feet of snow) I was in a huge hurry. I then risked my life to drive across 7800 south to get Jared a Betos breakfast burrito (if you've never tried one, don't. They are 100 % terrible for you and the best thing you will ever sink your teeth in to). I somehow managed to get him his Valentines breakfast before he left for work. Luckily the day got better as it went on. I went to American Fork to help in my cousin's flower shop which was a blast as always. But the best part of the day came later when I got my Valentines present from Jared.... A new house!!!! I feel like we have been waiting for this day for 10 years. He's going to have a hard time topping this gift next year. It is finally official.We have our keys and everything!!!

To make it even sweeter, I was starving on our way to get our keys and Jared refused to stop and get me something to eat. I was so mad! Here I am pregnant and starving, and he won't even take 5 minutes to get me a Subway! He kept saying, "Let's just hurry and get our keys then we'll get you something to eat. I just thought he was impatient and selfish. But as we walked into our new house there it was...Cafe Rio. He had my brother go to our house ahead of time and set up a little card table with our food on it. It was a blessing from heaven. And our first meal in our new house! What a day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spring Fever

We've all got it (except for maybe my sister Wendy who is wierd and actually likes winter). But I am going CRAZY in this cold! We did have a little glimpse the other day when we had a high of49 deg. It was amazing. Did anyone notice the stars that night? You could actually see them! I don't know when the last time I was able to see the stars in the sky. I loved it. Anyway Spring, please hurry. I can't wait for early morning Springtime jogs outside. They are my favorite.