Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Halloween (a little late)

I am so bad at keeping up my blog. Halloween was just a month ago right? Better late than never. Plus, I had to post pictures of my handsome Spiderman! Parker was so excited to be Spiderman. I wanted him to be a cute Pirate or something I could have fun with, but this is what he picked out. He still wears it just about every day so he can rescue me from the bad guys and shoot me with webs.

Jared had a day off right before Halloween so we went to Thanksgiving point to the Petting Zoo. Parker loves to be that close to the animals, plus he got to ride on a horsee so he was in heaven. The weather was so nice! We didn't even need jackets!
Check out my shadow in this picture. I was taking pictures of Parker climbing up this wall and when I looked at it my creepy shadow was in it too!
We usually go to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins. But this year we grew our pumpkins in the garden so we didn't go to the patch (lets be serious, the main reason I drag Jared and Parker to the pumpkin patch is to get pictures). So I put Parker in the backyard with our home grown pumpkins and took pictures there. He was such a good model, don't y0u think?

Then we had to carve our pumpkins. I must admit. This was a first for Jared and I since we've been married. We just never took the time to carve our pumpkins. It was actually very fun!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Parker turns THREE!!!

My sweet little baby turned into a 3 year old monster last month. I honestly can't believe how fast three years went by. I swear when my friends and brothers went on 2 year missions it seemed like twice as long as it's taken Parker to be alive for 3 years. He was so cute on his big day. It actually lasted 3 days. We had to "trick" him and tell him his birthday was on Sunday, when it really was on Monday. So he had presents on both of those days, and then another party on Tuesday with my family. Spoilded rotten, but totally worth it.

Jared and I gave Parker a Spiderman bike! He's not really that great at riding it. Even with the training wheels. He keeps putting on the brakes instead of pushing forward. I realized that I really don't have any patience when I was trying to teach him how to ride it. I'm sure this is only the beginning.

I I made a yummy 3 layer cake for the adults. The kids had to have cupcakes.
My nephew Hayden's birthday is 2 days after Parker's. So we had another joint party for them. Whew.
Little Freeman just liked to play with the tissue paper.
Parker scored on the Ninja turtles. He told everyone that's what he wanted, and that's what he got.
My friend Emily and her husband don't have kids of their own yet, so they spoil Parker rotten! This is Nate playing Ninja's with little P.

His nursery lesson was on honesty. I felt guilty for telling him that it was his birthday when it really wasn't. So I did the right thing and told him the truth. He didn't care. As long as he still got presents and birthday cake.

His Nanna's birthday is 2 days before his so we had a joint party for them.
All the Bowcutt cousins.

Go Utes! I guess.

Look how intese they both are! It's rediculous!

I'm probably more of a Cougar fan, but not Jared. We're secretly both trying to get Parker to join our side though neither of us will admit it. One of my clients gave us thier box suite tickets. We had so much fun. It was actually pouring rain at this game. We were very happy to be under the cover so we didn't have to get soaked. Parker was a riot. He kept yelling "DEFENSE" as loud as he could. Our whole section of seats thought it was so cool that he was even yelling it at appropriate times. One lady said, "He knows more about the game than I do". I think that was Jared's proudest moment as a dad. (P.S. yes Parker is picking his nose. I know, gross).