Tuesday, April 22, 2008


(Marti, this picture is for you)

Whew. 2 games under our belt. After this series with the Rockets I might have to take a break from the NBA playoffs. It's not good for a pregnant girl to be under this much stress! Jared won't let me wash his D-Will jersy as long as the Jazz keep winning (luckily he has no involvement in the laundry process around here so he'll never know). Parker is loving this playoff season because he thinks whenever there is a Jazz game on it means treats while we watch it! He's so involved in the game it's starting to make Jared and I think we've created a monster. He knows when to call out "offense" and "defense" and he makes us rewind something that he's missed (especially if it's a cram or a "swat team"). Gotta love it baby!

Half way there

This good choice chart is working like a charm! Parker's half way prize was this sweet Buzz Lightyear costume. I got it on Disney's website for 11 bucks! Good deal huh (thanks for the tip Keysha!) He's actually way past the half way point now but these pictures were so funny I had to post them. He's only got one more row of stickers until his chart is completely full. Then for the grand prize. What am I supposed to do when the chart is full? Does that mean no more good choices?

This is Parker and his cousins Kenzie and Sedelle.

This is about a week later. He wears this costume everywhere. He was helping Jared make some frames for our wall. It was so cute because he went and got his plastic tools and started sawing and drilling just like Jared was. Lucky for Parker, he had super space ranger powers helping him with his project.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finally, sheesh.

To celebrate our 2 month anniversary of being in our new house, I've decided to finally post some pictures of it. Really, It's just taken me this long to unpack :)

Front porch and entry way

Kitchen and dining area (Jared's favorite spot).

Kitchen and toy room/loft area
It's still a work in progress as we paint some of the walls and hang things on the walls. But we LOVE IT HERE!!!!