Friday, January 30, 2009

It's never too late!

I made a New Years resolution to have all my Christmas pictures posted before January was over. And I made it! Just kidding. That was not on my resolution list. Truthfully, Jared is just at the Jazz game (without me) and the kids are in bed. So I figured I could do a little blogging. Better late than never.

Christmas Eve was as Jared's parents. Here we are doing the Nativity scene. Anna as Mary, Connor as Joseph, and Tage as the reluctant baby Jesus (I think he was worried about how big of a role he was playing and was trying to protest.)

Here is the entire cast. I can't remember who played the wise men and shepherds ect. All I know is T.J. made a fantastic donkey :)

Nana (Jared's mom) Made all the grandkids these incredible blankies. It was love at first sight for Parker.

Papa and Tage

Christmas morning for the little guy and IRONMAN! Most of our footage was on the video camera. That makes scrapbooking easy.

Oh ya, and here is my Christmas present wrapped so nicely. Merry Christmas to me!

It's how you know it's Christmas time

Pre-school made candy houses

Christmas tree shaped PB&J's

Christmas countdown chains

Christmas tree set up

Friends from out of town that we NEVER EVER get to see come visit (We miss you Em and Anthony)

Annual sleepover and movie by the Christmas tree (kinda hard when your baby doesn't sleep through the night)

Traditional fam picture in front of the tree

I'm so sad it's all over :(

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Time for a haircut

Tage lost all of his baby hair except for a little patch on the top of his head. It was kinda long and stringy and was quite the contrast against the rest of his shiny bald head (like father like son). So we decided to shave it off! I was really sad at first, but it blended nicely and you couldn't even tell when we were done.

I love my new camera

Grabbin Tage

These pictures are from a few months back when Tage was about 4 months old. I love this stage when baby's discover things and start to reach for them. He's concentrating so hard! I love his little tongue.