Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More summer fun

Here's some fun pictures showing how we spent the rest of our summer...

Tage has entered the Superhero stage. I love it because he mixes all the superhero's up.He'll take part of one costume and part of another and make up his own superhero name. He hasn't quite figured out that the superhero's job is to save people though. So he usually just tries to scare us.
We are all pretty terrified around here :)

Tage got lots of playing time with his best buddy "Toopa" (Cooper Krewson). These two are only a day apart and so dang cute together.

I got sick of Parker bugging me every second to play the wii or go play outside with the neighbor kids. (our apartment isn't the ideal place to let kids wander around by themselves). So Jared and I started reading the Harry Potter series with him. I thought it would be a little over the top for him but I was totally wrong. He loves it! We do have to filter a few things but Jared and I like it now too. We've never really gotten in to the Harry Potter craze but now we fight over who gets to read to him. 

These boys are so goofy. I love their imaginations at this age. And they are finally at ages where they will play together. Here they found a case of water bottles on the floor and pretended they were taking naps while the other one went hunting or something like that. So cute.

The elementary school is just down the street so when it cools off in the evening we like to go shoot hoops. Or at least try :)

Cooling off with a refreshing dinosaur shaped, watermelon popsicle.

And life wouldn't be fun without hanging on to daddy's legs and making him walk around the  house. So we can definitely check that one off of our summer fun list :)
  Jared is such a good sport. Pretty sure he likes this stuff more than the kids do.

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