Thursday, April 2, 2009


I love Jared's job. For several reasons. But one particular reason is for the free trips! Bowcutt's flooring America did some trade work with a travel agency and Jared and I were next in line for a trip. I've never been to Hawaii and Jared was anxious to go back so that's where we went. It was everything I hoped it would be (except for a lot of rain). The only problem was Parks and 7 month old baby Tage had to stay home :( And I was still nursing. So that made things difficult. But we had an awesome time and we are better parents now.

The 7 year itch

Happy anniversary to us! March 29th marked 7 years of marraige for Jared and I. Check him out with hair! He looks so different. I love thinking back to our wedding day and remembering the events of that day. Like when I showed up late to the temple (imagine that) and Jared thought I was standing him up. Or when the sealer made us kiss twice over the alter because our first kiss was so lame it could have been saved for our grandparents. One of my favorite memories of the day is when Jared threw the cake in my sisters face instead of mine. It was hillarious and totally took her by surprise. Anyway, i feel so lucky that he's put up with me for this long. And very, very grateful for all he does for me and our crazy boys.

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Not my favorite holiday. I never remember to wear green and I don't like getting pinched. Infact, I woke up by Parker pinching me first thing in the morning. I have found, however, that holidays are much more fun with Parker around. Even this one :)

We had green waffles and milk for breakfast(and green baby oatmeal for Tage)!

When Parker got home from preschool he found a note from a Leprechaun on our door. Aparently the creepy little guy broke into our house while we were gone and left some clues for Parker to find some of his buried treasure. I cannot comment on Parker's outfit. Atleast he had green on!

Some of the treasure that was found in our backyard

We finished the day with a green bubble bath. It's great how easily amused kids can be.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

That's my boy!

My baby is 6 months old! I'm so in love with him. He definitely brings a sweet, happy spirit into our house. He also doesn't sleep through the night and has really bad exema all over his body. Poor baby:( He loves to smile and laugh, play patty cake and peek-a-boo, run with mommy, and put everything in his mouth. Even celery. He's a whopping 14 pounds and 27.7 inches long. That puts him in the 4th percentile for weight and 90th for height. Maybe I should start subbing the celery for some beef stick! He's a skinny but cuddely baby who has us all (especially daddy) wrapped aroung his little fingers.

It's that time again!

Racing season! I guess it's actually a little early, but not if you head down to sunny St. George! The weather was absolutely beautiful. It was hard to train for a half marathon in January with all the inversion and ice, but it was well worth it. Thanks Casey and Tish for your fantastic hospitality! We owe you!

Don't you love how they take pictures of you during the race? Seriously, I did NOT want to know that I looked like this. My pictures were hideous.

I love Parker in this one though. He ran about 20 yards with me to cross the finish line. Then for 30 minutes after the race he kept telling me how tired his legs were from running a race with me :)

Nice job Keri on your first half marathon! You're ready to do a full now!

Snow day/week

Thank goodness for dads. I just want to give a shout out to my man Jared for playing in the snow so much with Parker. I'm not a fan. At all. I do enjoy the hot chocolate afterward though :)

This one's my favorite!

Unfortunately Daddy's sometimes take it too far. Like throwing a bunch of freezing cold snow in thier 4 year olds face. Parks was ready to come in after that and enjoy some hot chocolate with his mom.

Friday, January 30, 2009

It's never too late!

I made a New Years resolution to have all my Christmas pictures posted before January was over. And I made it! Just kidding. That was not on my resolution list. Truthfully, Jared is just at the Jazz game (without me) and the kids are in bed. So I figured I could do a little blogging. Better late than never.

Christmas Eve was as Jared's parents. Here we are doing the Nativity scene. Anna as Mary, Connor as Joseph, and Tage as the reluctant baby Jesus (I think he was worried about how big of a role he was playing and was trying to protest.)

Here is the entire cast. I can't remember who played the wise men and shepherds ect. All I know is T.J. made a fantastic donkey :)

Nana (Jared's mom) Made all the grandkids these incredible blankies. It was love at first sight for Parker.

Papa and Tage

Christmas morning for the little guy and IRONMAN! Most of our footage was on the video camera. That makes scrapbooking easy.

Oh ya, and here is my Christmas present wrapped so nicely. Merry Christmas to me!

It's how you know it's Christmas time

Pre-school made candy houses

Christmas tree shaped PB&J's

Christmas countdown chains

Christmas tree set up

Friends from out of town that we NEVER EVER get to see come visit (We miss you Em and Anthony)

Annual sleepover and movie by the Christmas tree (kinda hard when your baby doesn't sleep through the night)

Traditional fam picture in front of the tree

I'm so sad it's all over :(

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Time for a haircut

Tage lost all of his baby hair except for a little patch on the top of his head. It was kinda long and stringy and was quite the contrast against the rest of his shiny bald head (like father like son). So we decided to shave it off! I was really sad at first, but it blended nicely and you couldn't even tell when we were done.

I love my new camera

Grabbin Tage

These pictures are from a few months back when Tage was about 4 months old. I love this stage when baby's discover things and start to reach for them. He's concentrating so hard! I love his little tongue.