Thursday, April 2, 2009


I love Jared's job. For several reasons. But one particular reason is for the free trips! Bowcutt's flooring America did some trade work with a travel agency and Jared and I were next in line for a trip. I've never been to Hawaii and Jared was anxious to go back so that's where we went. It was everything I hoped it would be (except for a lot of rain). The only problem was Parks and 7 month old baby Tage had to stay home :( And I was still nursing. So that made things difficult. But we had an awesome time and we are better parents now.

The 7 year itch

Happy anniversary to us! March 29th marked 7 years of marraige for Jared and I. Check him out with hair! He looks so different. I love thinking back to our wedding day and remembering the events of that day. Like when I showed up late to the temple (imagine that) and Jared thought I was standing him up. Or when the sealer made us kiss twice over the alter because our first kiss was so lame it could have been saved for our grandparents. One of my favorite memories of the day is when Jared threw the cake in my sisters face instead of mine. It was hillarious and totally took her by surprise. Anyway, i feel so lucky that he's put up with me for this long. And very, very grateful for all he does for me and our crazy boys.

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Not my favorite holiday. I never remember to wear green and I don't like getting pinched. Infact, I woke up by Parker pinching me first thing in the morning. I have found, however, that holidays are much more fun with Parker around. Even this one :)

We had green waffles and milk for breakfast(and green baby oatmeal for Tage)!

When Parker got home from preschool he found a note from a Leprechaun on our door. Aparently the creepy little guy broke into our house while we were gone and left some clues for Parker to find some of his buried treasure. I cannot comment on Parker's outfit. Atleast he had green on!

Some of the treasure that was found in our backyard

We finished the day with a green bubble bath. It's great how easily amused kids can be.