Friday, August 5, 2011

There's someone i'd like y'all to meet!


Born July 5th at 7:13 pm. Weighing in at 7 lb 3 oz and 21 in long. If I would have know he was going to be born that close to the 4th  of July I would have gone for a jog or something to have him share a birthday with America. He does share a birthday with his cousin Jasper though! So that's good enough :)

The story...

Please do not click on this picture to make it bigger. Your computer monitor may break! Yes that is my real stomach, no I was not pregnant with twins, yes I was aware how huge I was, no I did not need help holding my belly up, yes I was aware I still had almost 2 weeks until my due date. I was so sick of answering these questions EVERYWHERE I went that I almost made a T-shirt that had all the answers on it to wear when I went out. I know I look like a freak, but the comments I got from people were hilarious. Seriously, I could not go out in public without people stopping me. And it had been going on for months! The look on some of their faces when I would tell them I still had 2 months to go was priceless. Anyway, with my other 2 boys I went almost a week past my due date and never dilated past a 1. With this one, however, I was dilated to a 2 the first time I was checked. Every appt. after that I kept getting further and further along.

I had been so busy with young women stuff all summer that I was kind of excited to relax for the last 2 weeks and enjoy the summer with my boys. I was totally fine with the idea of going past my due date. I just planned on it. I had been feeling mild contractions for several weeks but nothing that took my breath away. About 4 am on the 5th some contractions woke me up. They weren't bad so I didn't panic, but then I started thinking of how unprepared I was to have a baby. We still needed a carseat and a few other things for the baby, plus I had loads of laundry to do and bathrooms to clean. Thats when I panicked! By the time the boys woke up the contractions had stopped. I didn't even tell Jared about it cuz he had a very busy week at work. Plus I had a dr. appt. that day so I thought I'd wait and see what she said. I was dilated to a 5 and the doc asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. I wasn't in labor, and I really didn't want to have a baby until at least Thursday, so I said no. She told me not to wait long to go in even if the contractions weren't regular. I called Jared after my appt. but told him not to worry because I wasn't in labor. He was waiting at our house when I got home :) I tried to get some things done around the house but every time I moved I started having contractions. So he decided we better go in. I secretly went and fixed my hair and changed the laundry. I knew they weren't going to let me eat anything at the hospital so we tried to stop for icecream on the way but couldn't find anything that looked good. Plus i was starting to get uncomfortable. The ladies that checked me in at the hospital looked at me with a doubtful look like "girlfriend you're going to be sent home". But when they checked me I was dilated to  6! It was so crazy that I was still not in a ton of pain. This was so different than my other two experiences.
From there it all went so fast. My contractions definitely got stronger and then I knew it was for real. My doc said that after she broke my water he would be born soon after. And he was! Less than 2 hours after we got to the hospital little Bronson was in my arms. And he is beautiful! I know all mom's think their baby's are beautiful, but i'll be the first to admit, my newborns are usually kinda weird looking. Of coarse I love them, but this baby is by far the best looking newborn we've had :)
This is one PROUD big brother!

One scrappy, mischiveous, excited, big brother. Who ALWAYS has bed head :)

One sweet daddy. He loves these boys. I'm terrified at the thought of how much he would spoil a little girl!

And one tired, exhausted, tired, exhausted, tired, extremely happy mommy!

A lot happened in the year I took off blogging. New job, new house, new baby. Truthfully though I didn't really take a year off. I just counted and I have 22 posts that are done they just need to be posted. I was waiting to get all caught up before I posted them but who am I kidding right? With the pressure I was getting to see updates of this darling baby from certain family members and friends who are far away, I decided to jump ahead. So if I end up posting those other posts from the year (and hopefully I do cuz there is some good stuff; Parker's first day of Kindergarten, Christmas in Utah, a trip to Costa Rica, stuff I don't want to forget) I will refer back to that date. But for now, look at this cute face!
This baby is so, so, loved :)
More to come...hopefully haha!