Sunday, October 28, 2007

A visit from Elsha

My good friend and old roommate Elsha came to visit with her adorable baby Ian. Elsha and her husband moved to Iowa to attend medical school, so this was the first time I got to see her baby. It was so much fun to catch up on things. We had some great times up at Ricks. It seems like just yesterday we were dreaming about how our life would be when we were married and had kids; and now here we are! It was so good to see you Elsha!

Don't worry Elsha. It's just a matter of time before Ian is a wild and crazy 3 year old.

Trip to Cedar

Parker and I got to take a trip to Cedar City a few weeks ago to see my new nephew HUDSON!! We're so happy he's here and healthy and so much fun. Parker had a blast with his other cousins Hayden and Cole.

Baby Hudson.

Parker and Cole are 8 months apart, and exactly the same. People always ask me if they're twins. Yikes!

Hayden entertained the little boys with a Ninja Turtle game on the computer. I loved how involved they were. Parker and Cole couldn't take thier eyes off off the computer screen.

Wrestling with Grandpa

The rainbow across the sky. I love warm rain storms.

They sky was so amazing on our way down there. This was taken out the car window while we were moving so it's not at all as pretty as it was in real life.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I found this video from last September. It's of Parker singing a primary song, "To Bring the World His Truth". He wasn't even 2 yet! I can't believe how different he sounds now, so I recorded him singing it now, a year later. It's so cute. I'm so glad we have technology to capture stuff like this on video.

Happy Birthday to Jared (a month ago)

Jared's little brother Dusty and his cute baby Tanyon. Parker and his cousin Connor eating birthday cheesecake!
Jared and his brother Dustin share a birthday. As you can see, they really don't seem to mind!

Not only am I a really bad blogger, but I'm also not a very good wife. It's not like Jared has ever even seen this blog, but I should still give him a shout out for his birthday... that was on September 12th! My problem is that I take way too many pictures, but I don't take time to blog them. So I'm a little behind here. Oh well. Jared, I'm happy that you had a good birthday, and sorry that we both have tennis elbow from playing the Wii too much. At least we got our workout in right? Love you!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Parker's new obsession

NINJA TURTLES!!! I spent half of my week drawing these images for him. I'm a terrible artist and it took me forever. On the first picture (that I spent 45 minutes on) I drew Leonardo bigger than the rest. So Parker made me redo it. It was worth it though, to see his face light up when I handed it to him. Totally priceless.

If you're ever bored...

Just talk to Brad or Jena Behle. They're full of fun ideas! Sadly, this is what it looks like. The 4 of us, all adults, toilet papered a friend who shall not be named's house. The best part about it was that it was at 10:30 at night! And we had to get the neighbor's permission! They were out on thier front porch and we didn't want them to think we were doing something bad. So we asked them if it was okay. They even offered us more toilet paper to use! It was so funny. Jena and I were just happy that we talked Jared and Brad into buying the toilet paper we used. They wanted to go steal it from Mcdonalds! If anything, it sure made us feel like teenagers again. Stay tuned because "Penny tapping" is on the adgenda for next weekend!

Family Fun in Park City

My family had some fun in Park City a few weeks ago. We rode the Alpine slide, ate YUMMY mexican food, went hot tubbing, and got to know my brother's girlfriend a little more. She's really fun and cute. Our night just wasn't the same without Drew, Kelly, Hayden, Cole, and my little sis. We missed you guys!

The whole gang at dinner. Notice Parker's pose.
My brother Ben and his cute, sleepy, kids, Sedelle and Lake.Parker LOVES lake! He wants to copy everything he does. Lake isn't quite as enthusiastic as Parker is about having a 2 year old copy his every move :) Exhausted Parker after a long day of fun. Thank goodness for Daddy's shoulders.