Saturday, May 15, 2010

A day at the beach

Remember all of that rain that cancelled the father's and sons camp out? Not only did we get to enjoy this beautiful rainbow out our window, but after it stopped we also got to play at our own private beach!
OK, maybe it was just the sand volley ball pit in our back yard that was full of water. But still. It was hot, sandy, and we were the only ones there! Sounds like a private beach to me:)
What started out as a friendly stroll to the park, turned into a full on immersion in the sandy water. Jared was horrified when he came home and saw Tage out there in just his diaper. "White trash"! he was calling us. But guess what? He doesn't do a lick of laundry around here. And one set of sandy filthy clothes was enough for me.
It actually was quite fun to watch.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Father's and son's. Bowcutt style!

Well, not really. But we didn't have a lot of options.
The father's and son's camp out was cancelled due to severe rain storms. The storms here in Texas are much more terrifying than in Utah. Maybe it's just because I'm waiting for a tornado to hit. Either way, I was ready with my bottled water and helmets just in case those warning sirens went off :) Parker was absolutely devastated he couldn't go on the camp out with his dad. So I had this bright idea to stick the tent in our living room.  Just to give him something fun to do that night. The thing I didn't think about was that the tent and the living room are about the same size! After re-arranging some furniture we were able to make it work.

So we grabbed pillows, blankets and couch cushions, popped some corn, and watched "Astro Boy". Then we proceeded to sleep in the tent. I feel like I gave it a good effort. I lasted about 10 minutes and thought, "forget this! This is father's and sons and I have a very comfortable bed 10 feet away!" Jared was a trouper and Parker had a blast :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Playin it rough.

It's beginning to look a lot like summer!! (I guess bruised legs is better than holy jeans, right?)

          (Parker and his friend Ethan showing off their sexy, bumped up legs. May, 2010)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Family home evening

We may not have a yard, but we have a heck of a field behind our apartment that is perfect for a little FHE baseball. We were told to enjoy being outsided while we could before we melt in the hot sun.

And so we did :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Mother's day weekend was so much fun for us. We started off on Saturday running a mother's day (actually i think it was called Triumph over pain) race in Mckinney. It was Parker's first official race where he was signed up, got a shirt, medal, and an "on your mark, get set, go" at the beginning. He made sure to stretch really well before the start. This particular stretch is one he made up himself. He actually makes sure I do this after my runs also. But I don't think my tongue is hanging out quite as much as his is.
Check out that beautiful Texas sun beating down on us!

I'm pretty sure he smiled like this during the entire race. He was so excited and ran the entire time! He finished in under 10 minutes which I thought was pretty good for a 5 year old! I was one proud mother.
I ran the 5K after he finished. He said he was proud of me too :)
Later that night we went to the FC Dallas soccer match. They are the professional team here in Dallas. Our neighbor works for the team so he's given us a bunch of free tickets.
Jared actually pulled off the breakfast in bed thing for real this year. He tries every year but I'm usually already up and showered before he gets around to it. Then I have to get back in bed and pretend I'm just waking up for Parker to bring me my breakfast. But as you can tell from my appearance, I truely did wake up to breakfast in bed. And what a feast it was! I'm not sure who Jared thinks I am but here is what they brough me: 2 waffles with strawberries
a bowl of fruit
orange juice
chocolate milk
I mean, i've been known to pack it in, but this was serious! Luckily Tager was there to help me eat it! My boys wouldn't let me do a thing all day so it was lovely. Thanks boys. You make me so happy!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

splishin' and a splashin'

Since spring/summer starts earlier in Texas than it does in Utah, we were able to enjoy the hot sunshine shortly after we moved here! What a blessing! (notice how pasty my kids are next to the others)! We went with some of our new friends to a super cool splash park in Allen. Here is parker with his new buds Cameron and Clark. They are both going to be in kindergarten next year also! And can you sense the instant connection? Weapons and imaginations only a 5 year old can have=instant BFF's for Parks.
My cute, happy, baby hiding from me in a tunnel

See how pumped Tage is watching from a distance with his hair blowing in the wind? 2 seconds after I took this picture, water from a big bucket directly above his head landed right on top of him. He freaked out and I'm pretty sure everyone there thought he had just gotten one of his limbs cut off. Awesome.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Life in Texas

Once the rush of unpacking and trying to squeeze all of our belonging into a 1100 sf. apartment settled, we needed something to do. So here is how we spent our first few weeks in our new home. Parker kept busy making friends with anyone he could make eye contact with, while Tage and I stayed inside and played with the toys he hadn't seen in a month or so.
I still can't get over how incredibly nice the people here are. Our ward has welcomed us in like we are old friends they haven't seen in a while. Within a week of being here i joined a group of them to run with every morning, we were invited to dinner by 2 different families, to the park for a play group, and to the Frisco firestation for another one. Us Utahn's have so much to learn from these people. get out and meet your neighbors!!! Who cares if you don't know them or don't think you have anything in common. Or if you think you don't need to invite them because they have family around. I realize now how much time I wasted in Riverton not getting to know my neighbors better. It makes me so sad to think of peole who could have really become my friends and taugh me valuable lessons.

We also went on walks to become more familiar with our surroundings. This beautiful pond was stocked with colorful fish, and lush greenery. And it was in a neighborhood! (not ours unfortunately).
And last but not least, we spent much of our time watching the Jazz lose in the playoffs. Just like we do every year. Bummer. This picture was while they were winning obviously. We don't have our t.v. hooked up (and I'm not going rush anyone into it. It's great!) But it made watching the playoffs difficult. We had to watch it on the computer in our room/office.
So far we're fixin to have a good ol' time in Texas! (I've always wanted to say that).