Sunday, May 2, 2010

Life in Texas

Once the rush of unpacking and trying to squeeze all of our belonging into a 1100 sf. apartment settled, we needed something to do. So here is how we spent our first few weeks in our new home. Parker kept busy making friends with anyone he could make eye contact with, while Tage and I stayed inside and played with the toys he hadn't seen in a month or so.
I still can't get over how incredibly nice the people here are. Our ward has welcomed us in like we are old friends they haven't seen in a while. Within a week of being here i joined a group of them to run with every morning, we were invited to dinner by 2 different families, to the park for a play group, and to the Frisco firestation for another one. Us Utahn's have so much to learn from these people. get out and meet your neighbors!!! Who cares if you don't know them or don't think you have anything in common. Or if you think you don't need to invite them because they have family around. I realize now how much time I wasted in Riverton not getting to know my neighbors better. It makes me so sad to think of peole who could have really become my friends and taugh me valuable lessons.

We also went on walks to become more familiar with our surroundings. This beautiful pond was stocked with colorful fish, and lush greenery. And it was in a neighborhood! (not ours unfortunately).
And last but not least, we spent much of our time watching the Jazz lose in the playoffs. Just like we do every year. Bummer. This picture was while they were winning obviously. We don't have our t.v. hooked up (and I'm not going rush anyone into it. It's great!) But it made watching the playoffs difficult. We had to watch it on the computer in our room/office.
So far we're fixin to have a good ol' time in Texas! (I've always wanted to say that).

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