Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm a tall, tall Texan...

(this post is in honor of my dad. Who is far, far away in Norway right now)
We're all settled now. And time to update :) It was quite a challange trying to squeeze so much crap into a 2 bedroom apartment. I think my mom wanted to cry when she saw how much stuff we had to find places for. And I think I actually did cry.
First things first, If we were to get anywhere in the unpacking process, we had to trap
Tage. This make-shift trap worked great for about 30 seconds.
Then we moved on to bigger and better entertainment and put on a show. Ahh, brotherly love, Isn't it so sweet!
Luckily we moved fast with the help of some nice neighbors and my poor parents. So we were able to spend a little bit of time goofing off with Grandma and Grandpa before they flew back to Utah.


Abbie Scott said...

It's about time for an update! Thanks! I loved them all. I don't believe that you got all that stuff in your new place. Can you please post pictures of it now that you are settled! Please. Also, I think you should consider sleeping during the day(heat)and living at night when it is not so hot. I got hot and lifeless just reading about the Texas sun!! Yikes!

val said...

ahh! all those new fun to see that you guys are alive and well. i'm so happy that you guys are getting along so well in texy.
will you email me your mailing address? i AM sending you your photos....sorry for the HUGE delay.
val dot bateman @ gmail dot com