Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Mother's day weekend was so much fun for us. We started off on Saturday running a mother's day (actually i think it was called Triumph over pain) race in Mckinney. It was Parker's first official race where he was signed up, got a shirt, medal, and an "on your mark, get set, go" at the beginning. He made sure to stretch really well before the start. This particular stretch is one he made up himself. He actually makes sure I do this after my runs also. But I don't think my tongue is hanging out quite as much as his is.
Check out that beautiful Texas sun beating down on us!

I'm pretty sure he smiled like this during the entire race. He was so excited and ran the entire time! He finished in under 10 minutes which I thought was pretty good for a 5 year old! I was one proud mother.
I ran the 5K after he finished. He said he was proud of me too :)
Later that night we went to the FC Dallas soccer match. They are the professional team here in Dallas. Our neighbor works for the team so he's given us a bunch of free tickets.
Jared actually pulled off the breakfast in bed thing for real this year. He tries every year but I'm usually already up and showered before he gets around to it. Then I have to get back in bed and pretend I'm just waking up for Parker to bring me my breakfast. But as you can tell from my appearance, I truely did wake up to breakfast in bed. And what a feast it was! I'm not sure who Jared thinks I am but here is what they brough me: 2 waffles with strawberries
a bowl of fruit
orange juice
chocolate milk
I mean, i've been known to pack it in, but this was serious! Luckily Tager was there to help me eat it! My boys wouldn't let me do a thing all day so it was lovely. Thanks boys. You make me so happy!

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