Thursday, January 21, 2010

April thru June

For Father's day Parker took Jared golfing. I seriously think Jared may have shed a few tears over it. He was so proud.

Tage had a lot of firsts over these months. Here are just a few fun ones.
First time with the popcorn bowl all to himself :) Dig in buddy!

First time getting caught in the act of TROUBLE!

First attempt at yoga. Hey, his down-dog is better than Jared's!

First time trying fresh pineapple :)

First time mastering the stairs!

First boat ride

First swim

I ran the Ogden marathon on May 16, 2009. It's my favorite one because the scenery is fantastic. And it's down hill most of the time:)

My fans:) My favorite sister Wendy came and rode a bike up and down the hilly coarse. She's a rock star.

Easter morning pictures. April 12, 2009

In April my entire family went to St. George to celebrate my dad's 60TH BIRTHDAY! I just love this picture of him.

My mom and dad with all of their grandkids. It was FREEZING cold and the kids were not happy about it (neither were some of the adults:)

These boys were in heaven and couldn't be apart for even a second. Lake, Hayden, Cole and Parker.

Gotta love what cousins can teach each other. I can't believe I took this picture before intervening.

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Chris and Brittani Knudsen said...

Yeah, so glad to see some new cute pics! That last one of the boys peeing is classic, save that one for Parker's wedding video for sure (ha ha ha!)