Wednesday, January 27, 2010

July thru September

Tage started walking when he was 13 months old. He thinks he's so cool now. My wonderful friend Val took these great pictures for us so we could remember how cute and wobbily he was when he first started to walk. Oh how I love this age!

This is my favorite. Jared is such a sucker for these boys.

There was a puppy in front of him. He loves puppy's.

And look at those curls! I LOVE them :)

Parker loved soccer this year. He was the biggest one on his team which helped him score the most goals :) He's very competitive and intently listened to what the coach told him so that he could get better. It was fun to watch.
This is after he stole the ball from the crowd and took it down to his goal. Check out that concentration!


I ran the Top Of Utah marathon in September. It was by far the hardest marathon I've ever ran. But also incredibly georgous. The leaves through the canyon were starting to change color and it was breathtaking. I like to chose the scenic marathons. It gives me something to look at besides a bunch of runner's behinds in front of me :) Plus it helps take my mind off of the pain. I was able to cut over 25 minutes off my time from my last marathon so I was really happy. It's amazing what a little training can do for you!

Our first camping trip was very...interesting. We spent 2 weeks planning and getting Parker all pumped up to sleep in the mountains in a tent. Who knew you had to make reservations weeks in advance to enjoy our mountains? Not me! I called FOUR different canyons. 4. Every single spot was full for overnight camping. We were so dissapointed. We packed all our stuff anyway just incase we got lucky. But we didn't and ended up eating foil dinners, smore's, and going home. What a bummer. The kids fell asleep in the car so it was all the same to them. What a beautiful place we live in though.

Preschool started for Parker's 2nd year. This year he is going to Ms. Hilary's and he LOVES it! She has helped him improve his handwriting and has him reading books! It's crazy how fast these little kids catch on to things. He is quite the social butterfly and I have to wait at least 5 minutes after each class while he tells all of his friends bye.

He told me the other day that Ms. Hilary had to run upstairs for something and she told the class if they needed help with anything to just ask Parker. Ya, that did a lot for his confidence problem :)

Tage was beside himself with brother gone for a few hours. Actually he was napping and didn't even know. But he was sure excited to see "bubba" when we picked him up!

Parker ran his first race this summer! In a complete down pour! He had so much fun and totally thought he won :) He did really well though and ran the whole time. Even though it was freezing cold he insisted on a slurpee when he finished "because he was sooo tired". It was awesome

Hooray for summer time!!! July was spent outside. Seriously every day. It was great except for the mud, dirt, water, and sticky popcicle that came into our house by the minute. Other than that we swam, slip-and-slided, had bbq's everynight, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Parker has made so many friends in our new neighborhood. Lucky for us these 4 boys only live a few houses away from each other. They think they own the neighborhood and are best friends (even when they are fighting, which is most of the time)


val said...

wahoo. loved the update. i love that photo of jared and tage too. so sweet.
and i LOVED that you pulled off jared's bday surprise. will you plan my 30th bday? it's comin up.

Janessa said...

Nice job on the marathon. I have no desire to run one. I am going to do a couple half marathon's this year.