Thursday, January 28, 2010

30 is HOT!

Jared turned 30 on September 12th! Looking good babe!

He was feeling quite old at his birthday celebration with his family, so he did what any old "macho" man would do. He challanged his athletic, 14 year old brother, T.J. to a race in the back yard. Marshall and Angela got in on the action as well (they are also old :)

And this was the end result! Nice try sweetie, you were SOOO close! I'm just glad you didn't pull a hammy :)

Even Papa got into the race! Here's Jared's dad racing the grandkids. What a fun Papa they have!

We had a little surprise get to gether at the park on Jared's actual birthday where I made Jared wear this rediculous birthday hat :) I used this surprise as a decoy for his REAL birthday surprise which was a week later.

I was so sneaky. I showed up to Jared's work on a Tuesday afternoon and told him we needed to leave. He was kinda irritated with me because he had customer's he needed to attend to. His brother knew about my plan so he shewed Jared out the door. Little did he know I had our bags packed, kids with Nana, and we were headed to the airport. Jared absolutely HATES the unknown. He was going crazy out of his mind not having a clue where I was taking him (that was the best part. ha ha!). So he figured we were flying somewhere, since we were at the airport, and as we were waiting to get on the plane I pulled out his Yankee hat and told him he was going to need it tonight. He's a smart guy so he was only confused for a second before he freaked out :) It was so much fun surprising him! The Yankees were playing at Angels stadium in Anaheim so we went to 2 games. we were only gone for 2 days so it was a very fast trip, but so much fun! I was so happy that all those months of lies and sneaky-ness paid off. Surprises are hard work!


(No, our seets were NOT this good)
My birthday is also in September, however I am not quite 30 yet :)

Parker picked my "birthday activity" which was going for a family jog to Walmart and back. It was seriously so funny! Walmart is just behind our house and he literally made us run up to the Walmart sign, touch it, and run home. What a great activity right! It was a great way to celebrate my birthday.

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Rachel Romans said...

I love all the work you went to for his birthday. Perfect! Surprises are the best! What a great birthday.