Monday, August 23, 2010

The day has come...

I just sent my first born away to school for the next 7 hours...that's a long time for a little kindergartner! He of coarse could have cared less about any of us and couldn't wait for us to just leave him alone in his classroom. In fact, the last thing I saw was him taking over in a group of 4 little boys and telling them "ooh guys, I'm really good at these, watch me." He didn't even glance up at us to see if we were still around or not. Jared says I did much better than he thought I would. Not a tear shed. Some large "gulps" but no tears. Because truthfully, I am so excited for Parker to embark on this journey. I loved school when I was young. And he is so dang bored with me that we both knew it was beyond time for him to get on with it. My problem is not with him starting kindergarten, it's the fact that he now will be under the influence of so many more people than just me for the majority of his days. And that down right scares me! And I know kids will make fun of his whole wheat, no chips included, tons of veggies, lunch that I send him. I mean how long do I have before he starts chucking it and bullying his friends for thier snack pac? I remember the things I learned from friends in elementary school, and I am not ready for my baby to learn those things. Plus, there is no going back now. He will be in school for the next 13 years at least. This is the beginning of adulthood. He may as well be going off to college because as soon as I blink my eyes he will be. Ok, maybe that's extreme. It's just so crazy how grown up he is now. I hope he makes some good friends at his new school and has someone to play with at recess and sit with at lunch.
Walking to school with his buddy Cameron

This is Parker's good friend Cameron Haynie. Parker is a giant next to him! His family is in our ward and they have become some of our best friends!

I can't even stand how handsome my little kindergartner is.

Showing the boys how it's done

Scrappy is sure going to miss his "bubba" :(

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