Saturday, June 26, 2010

Utah part 3...kind of

Reason # 7 that we made the trip to Utah was so that our wonderful family could watch our wonderfully crazy kids while Jared and I went on our final Bowcutt's Flooring America trip. The destination...

St. Johns Virgin Islands. W.O.W.

 I thought I would get claustrophobic because it's such a tiny island and everywhere you turn you're surrounded by water. The only transportation to the island is by ferry. Sooo, I was a little nervous. But when our boat arrived I was in shock at how lush and green everything was! They literally cut chunks out of the mountains and threw in houses and tiny narrow roads. It was crazy. There would be a chunk of enormous mansions and across the street is a little house with goats running around. Nuts.
(Miles, we named this little guy after you). These creepers popped up everywhere. This particular one had a thing for Jared and would not stop staring him down. (that has nothing to do with why we named him Miles. He just reminded us of you)

Unfortunately it rained every day we were there so this was our best view. It was still beautiful but disappointing that we couldn't see any islands beyond our own.

This is "Trunk Bay" rated one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. You gotta see it to believe it folks.

Jared and our friend Mike started up a friendly volleyball game with a bunch of kids in the pool. Lets just say it wasn't hard to spot either of them.

On this rainy day we sailed over to Foxy's. This is actually on the British islands, but apparently it's world famous for New Years Eve party's for the rich and famous. My battery died right when our boat docked so this was my only pic. But I did get some great video footage of foxy himself chatting with us. He's like an old bum that is filthy rich but you'd never know it. We also stopped at the "Soggy dollar Bar". The water was like super salty bathwater. Seriously it was amazing. Minus the salty part.

We were promised that the sun was going to come out for a few hours on our last day, so we rented this little "dingy" with our new BFF's, Mike and Leslie and headed over to Trunk Bay to see it up close.
Almost there! See how the sun is starting to shine! Wahoo!!
Words nor pictures will ever do this place justice when the sun is shining! The sun completely changed the water and it was the most glorious color I have ever seen. I want to paint my house in this color. All of it.

The water was completely clear and the same temperature as bath water. You could see everything on the ocean floor. I have never been in an ocean, or any body of water, where you can just walk into the water and not feel the shiver up your spine for a second. This is my kind of ocean! And I wanted to eat the sand because it looked and felt like brown sugar :)We stayed here for a few hours until I was attacked by a seagull who wanted my sandwich, and it started to rain again. But those few hours  of sunshine made this trip totally worth it.
Our last night, last fruity drink, and last sunset by the ocean. Ahh, it was awesome.


EMILY =) said...

Haha! I am so honored! That little creep is cute. (And I do tend to give Bowcutt the stare down occasionally!) :) So pretty! Can't believe I hadn't seen any of those pics yet!

Marti said...

Good job. Though you've left me jealous. I think I must go there. Keep em coming. With all that snow you guys are having, you should have plenty of time hunkered down. :) Miss you guys!

Tay and Teigan said...

I was just thinking about y'all yesterday, wondering how you are liking Texas so I thought I'd come see what y'all were up to! Update please! :)

Looks like you had a great trip to St. John. Isn't it beautiful? One of my favorite places ever. Gotta love the narrow roads and random goats! And our transportation for the week was a truck with the 2 benches in the bed. We all sat on the benches and held on for dear life as we rode up and down those narrow roads. So fun. Looks like y'all had a blast. And you look fantastic! Love to your family from the Omaha Bensons! xo