Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Utah part 1

Well, It may take a year or so to post about our month long trip back to Utah because I took around 550 pics while we were gone. And I am determined to post every single picture! Kidding. We had such a great time though and pictures is what keeps my memory alive. So It will be super, duper long. Here's how it started. The 2 little one's and I flew in early in the week because I had to be in Utah for a race that started on Friday. Jared couldn't miss that much work, so he flew in on Saturday in time for my parent's mission farewell. The boys and I made a bad decision to fly stand by (in July. DON'T EVER DO THAT!) so we were stuck in the DFW airport for over 7 hours. Even better, we had left the cord to our DVD player home :) So...we were bored.
Tage is always happy though.
I had wrapped little presents/surprises for the boys to open randomly during the flight to keep them entertained and so they wouldn't bother other passengers. Unfortunately all the surprises were opened during our 7 hour waiting time. Parker got little Star Wars guys and he instantly made a new friend in every gate we waited at. So that took up a few hours. We did a lot of walking around (Parker pushing Tage in the stroller, and me pushing a luggage cart with 3 heavy carry on's). And I even let my kids play on the nasty airport toys. I was desperate people.
We finally made it on the last flight of the night. Phewww. The boys were so much fun to watch as the plane took off. Parker didn't take his nose from the window the entire flight and kept yelling, "Mom look at this"! Tage on the other hand was terrified of falling out.
First things first, we had to meet this new little guy! Our new nephew/cousin Conrad! He was about a week old when we met him and the cutest little thing.
After meeting Conrad, we took Leila back home to Grandma's so her and Tager could play. Do you think they missed each other? (click to see true facials. It's adorable)
 So maybe it was a little one sided on Tage's part. He could not stop hugging her!!! And thankfully I was in the right place at the right time!

This one makes me cry laughing every time I look at it. He's just so happy and she's like,"get off me you psycho!"
Next stop was Porter's one year old birthday party! Can you believe his cake? I must note that this is the one he got to DESTROY! His mom spent all that time and effort on a cake that her 1 year old would rip apart. She's amazing. Props to you Breck!
Ok, so maybe his cousins helped him destroy it a little.


Janessa said...

Looks like you had fun visiting your family.
And thanks for the tip about not flying stand by. I don't think my kids would last 1 hour let alone 7. Or maybe I couldn't make it 7.

Wendy said...

Those pictures of Tager and Leila kill me every time... HA!