Friday, January 30, 2009

It's never too late!

I made a New Years resolution to have all my Christmas pictures posted before January was over. And I made it! Just kidding. That was not on my resolution list. Truthfully, Jared is just at the Jazz game (without me) and the kids are in bed. So I figured I could do a little blogging. Better late than never.

Christmas Eve was as Jared's parents. Here we are doing the Nativity scene. Anna as Mary, Connor as Joseph, and Tage as the reluctant baby Jesus (I think he was worried about how big of a role he was playing and was trying to protest.)

Here is the entire cast. I can't remember who played the wise men and shepherds ect. All I know is T.J. made a fantastic donkey :)

Nana (Jared's mom) Made all the grandkids these incredible blankies. It was love at first sight for Parker.

Papa and Tage

Christmas morning for the little guy and IRONMAN! Most of our footage was on the video camera. That makes scrapbooking easy.

Oh ya, and here is my Christmas present wrapped so nicely. Merry Christmas to me!


Sara and Company said...

You're family has the cutest smiles! And Will would go crazy if he knew he could have that much frosting! That is really all he wants in life anyway. So glad you had a great christmas! I hear Tage is sick....bummer. Hope he feels better soon.


Its about time you posted some pics!!! I was wondering if you were still alive..and since my sister never remembers a darn thing can you get me some protein shake stuff (the top nutrition kind)????

Arnold, Mindi and Reese said...

Your pictures are so cute. I can't believe how big Tage is getting. Time goes by so fast. I look at Reese every day and can't believe how big she is. We should have a cousin's get together. I want to see everyone's babies before they're all grown up.