Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trip to Cedar

Parker and I got to take a trip to Cedar City a few weeks ago to see my new nephew HUDSON!! We're so happy he's here and healthy and so much fun. Parker had a blast with his other cousins Hayden and Cole.

Baby Hudson.

Parker and Cole are 8 months apart, and exactly the same. People always ask me if they're twins. Yikes!

Hayden entertained the little boys with a Ninja Turtle game on the computer. I loved how involved they were. Parker and Cole couldn't take thier eyes off off the computer screen.

Wrestling with Grandpa

The rainbow across the sky. I love warm rain storms.

They sky was so amazing on our way down there. This was taken out the car window while we were moving so it's not at all as pretty as it was in real life.


val said...

Fun to see Elsha! She's so cute as is her little Ian. That sky photo is beautiful. Did I ever tell you my aunt asked if I knew an Andy Springer? Yep, he's their insurance agent in Cedar. Small world.

Sara & Company said...

Isn't family the best! Hudson is adorable. And so fun to play with cousins!