Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to Jared (a month ago)

Jared's little brother Dusty and his cute baby Tanyon. Parker and his cousin Connor eating birthday cheesecake!
Jared and his brother Dustin share a birthday. As you can see, they really don't seem to mind!

Not only am I a really bad blogger, but I'm also not a very good wife. It's not like Jared has ever even seen this blog, but I should still give him a shout out for his birthday... that was on September 12th! My problem is that I take way too many pictures, but I don't take time to blog them. So I'm a little behind here. Oh well. Jared, I'm happy that you had a good birthday, and sorry that we both have tennis elbow from playing the Wii too much. At least we got our workout in right? Love you!


Sara & Company said...

Fun! Happy birthday to you both! I didn't know when Jared's birthday was, but I thought about you lots the week of yours and so happy belated! I hope you all are doing great!

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Jared! Hey, did you know Blaine was the second person in the world to play the Nintendo Wii? He helped design the chip in it last year while he worked for IBM! We don't have one yet though! I wish!


Whatever...don't act like thats the only workout you are getting...Angela said Jared is grumpy if he doesnt actually make it to the gym!!!

janet said...

Happy Birthday Jared!!