Tuesday, March 9, 2010

October thru December

Happy Halloween! (It was only 4 in a half months ago. I'm doing pretty well!) For some reason I don't have any pictures of my boys together on Halloween. They were both little army guys and they looked adorable. I can't bellieve I don't have a picture of little army Tage :( This will have to do.

I talked Parker into using a marshmello gun instead of a "real" pretend gun. He thought he was a tough guy.

My mom finally retired! Hooray. She has done hair for over 35 years and her body is falling apart. So we had a last minute surprise retirement party the day before Thanksgiving since my brothers were in town.

We invited a few of her long time clients (as many as we thought would come on short notice)

Then each of her 6 kids put together a skit based upon what our lives were like growing up in the beauty salon and memories we had of my mom at work. I don't know if I have EVER laughed so hard in my life. I thought I was going to pass out when Tobes came running in with those hedge clippers. Oh man. THAT was funny. Here's my brother Andy demonstrating what he used to do in front of the mirror every morning :) Don't tell him I said so, but he would have made the best "drama nerd" :)

My mom with all of her grandkids (except for the one in Daiana's belly)

Some of our favorite winter activities include:
sitting on the heater with blankies every morning,

eating banana snowmen,

and playing in the snow! Well, not my favorite, but that's ok. We finally had a chance to enjoy all of the snow. It was Tage's first experience and unfortunately for me, he loved it. He wants to be outside constantly now.

Parker and his daddy built two enormous snowmen in our back yard. They were both festive (with Christmas candy for eyes and mouths) and also very multi cultural.

My parent's are going on a mission next summer, so for Christmas they wanted to do something more than just give gifts to their grandkids. They wanted to give them a memory! So they (along with my cute sister, Wendy) hauled all of the older grandkids up to Heber City to ride the Polar Express. Parker is still talking about it. What a fun idea. We will sure miss grandma and grandpa next year :(

Parker had his preschool Christmas program with Ms. Hilary. He had a lot more fun than it looks like in this picture.

He was so funny. He knew all the songs and actions perfectly but he got a little nervous and stood there with his hands in his pockets most of the time. but when it came time for him to give his part; "Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, with hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there". He said it loud and clear. I was just glad he didn't dramatize it like he did when he practiced it at home. It was hillarious.


Each year we have a family sleepover by the Christmas tree the day before Christmas Eve. Parker LOVES it.

We had Christmas Eve at the Bowcutts house. Here is all of the caos to prove it :)

Parker is such a gem to pose so nicely for the annual Family christmas tree picture. Now he'll know what a goof he was at this age.

Ahh, Christmas morning...

Parker's favorite gift from Santa was bionacles!

Tage's was a mini basketball hoop to hang from his crib.

and an orange :)

putting bionicals together. It's a good thing he has a good dad! I took one look at that and started hyperventilating.

Christmas breakfast. Why is it that my favorite part of any holiday is the food? That's messed up.

And what kind of a Christmas would it be without Tage's crazy hair?

We had Christmas dinner with my family. It's just not the same without the Cedar/St. Goerge Springers. We sure missed ya.

And of coarse, the classic Santa picture.

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