Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Here are some highlights:

-delicious breakfast waiting for me when I got out of the shower

-being spoiled by my boys
-getting a Cinderella "princess book" from Parker that he insisted Jared buy for me

-having Parker sing with the rest of the primary in sacrament meeting with the biggest smile i've ever seen on his face

-the Jazz beat the Lakers

-not having to clean up after dinner

--thinking about how lucky I am to be a mom and how many wonderful mothers I have around me that set a great example.

Happy Mother's day everyone!

*Quote of the day from Parker,
"After we have mothers day and father's day, lets have kids day!" Little does he know, every day is kids day.


Keri Hennefer said...

Happy Mother's Day, soon a mother of 2! Can you believe it? I hope that you had a great day, I'm glad to hear that you got a princess book, that's all we have around here!

Los Springer said...

Thats so cute Jill. Parker is so cute and sweet.It sounds like you had a great mother's day.

Kevin Kim Cade Ellie said...

I love your blog! It is so fun to see Parker grow up, even though we live so far away. I am glad you had a great Mother's day, you deserve the best! Congratulations on your second boy. We miss you!
With Love,
Kim Alexander

My blog is or e-mail me


Oh you got breakfast in bed...all I got was a bowl of cold cereal and I didnt even get a shower before our 9:00 church...Blake's in Japan..he always leaves during special occassions...makes me wonder!!!

karlin said...

Love the Cinderella book and yes, the one of the best parts about Mother's Day is NOT having to clean up dinner!!

keysha said...

What a great gift....Parker was truly thinking of you, because he knows you are a princess. I was just thinking today that I haven't seen you for a while. Let's get together soon. There is a yard sale over here at my house (neighborhood shin's gonna be big!) Come on over Saturday morning...there will be lots of baby stuff!!! My parents are also here, so I'm sure they'd love to see you!

Sara & Company said...

That is too, too cute! I don't know if Will even realized what mothers day was as I let Jason study for his test that was the monday after. I love that Parker insisted on getting you that book. I'm glad you had a great day. You deserve it!

Arnold&Mindi said...

Jill, thanks for you sweet comment about my mom. Mom's in general are petty amazing people. I sure hope I do ok at it. So when are you due?? Do you know what you're having yet? I'm glad you had a great mothers day. Any woman who goes through pregnancy while chasing around other children, are my hero's. I'm wondering how you do it.

Tristie and Dax said...

that sounds like such a great mothers day. i love the hilarity of little kids! so funny and adorable.