Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun in the sun

We had so much fun in Sand Hallow this year. I think I mostly loved it because my brother Ben didn't force me into the cold water like he usually does, and Andy didn't call me a woss for not wanting to. Being pregnant does have it's perks. The first day we seriously just stayed on the beach all day. Atleast I did. The boats would come and go with more people, but for the most part we just relaxed and had fun. The kids (and Jared and Brad) had a "war" over the "island" that they were playing on. It was so funny to watch the big boys (Jared and Brad) having more fun than the little boys (Lake, Hayden, Cole, and Parker).

Parker and Mckinlee playing in the water. It was so much fun to have Keri and her kids come play for a day.

Jared on the wakeboard

Lake, Parker, and Hayden on the tube. It was Parker's first time on the water and I was hoping he would be a little more afraid of it like I am. Not so. He was doing all kinds of tricks on the tube. Spinning around backwards, leaning forward and trying to tip the tube over, and letting go of the handles. Lets just say I was a nervous wreck! I really don't think I took a breath until he was safely back on the boat with me. I know he has a life jacket on and was fine, but I'm a freak. I have never seen him have so much fun though. His smile was priceless :)

Just loving the sunshine

My brother Ben with his little guy Freeman. This picture was too sweet to pass up. Thanks for letting us play with your boat Ben. I mean Lesha. I need to give a serious shout-out to the babies of this trip, little Free and baby Hudson. They were AMAZING! Give me a baby like that any day.


Los Springer said...

Looks like fun. Have you been getting crazy poeple on your blog? I hope you not talking about me Jill. Just cause I'm brown.

val said...

Looks like fun! Where is this place exactly? I saw your parents at the grocery store. When can we get together???

marti said...

That is a serious tube! How much fun...I'm just a little jealous. I might not actually see any sun until next spring, I think!

Tristie or Dax said...

i can't believe how good those babies were. usually days in the sun and water are too much for those little guys. your mud story is Hilarious! And what a good sense of humor you have. Plus, you look completely ADORABLE with that cantalope in your shirt! seriously, you are gorgeous! thanks for sharing.