Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Half way there

This good choice chart is working like a charm! Parker's half way prize was this sweet Buzz Lightyear costume. I got it on Disney's website for 11 bucks! Good deal huh (thanks for the tip Keysha!) He's actually way past the half way point now but these pictures were so funny I had to post them. He's only got one more row of stickers until his chart is completely full. Then for the grand prize. What am I supposed to do when the chart is full? Does that mean no more good choices?

This is Parker and his cousins Kenzie and Sedelle.

This is about a week later. He wears this costume everywhere. He was helping Jared make some frames for our wall. It was so cute because he went and got his plastic tools and started sawing and drilling just like Jared was. Lucky for Parker, he had super space ranger powers helping him with his project.


Anonymous said...

What a cute kid and costume! I love how he is so into what Jared is doing. The chart sounds like a great tool to help kids behave and understand consequences to poor choices and rewards for good ones. I will have to give it a try when Braxton is older.

keysha said...

Awesome costume! (Has he lived in it?) I'm thinking about implementing the "Good Choice Chart" but I'm afraid we wouldn't get very far.....Parker will have to bring over his new costume and they can both be Buzz.

Sara & Company said...

That totally makes me laugh because we so have the opposite problem. I haven't been able to even get a halloween costume on my boy for 2 years and after bribery to get him to put on his soccer uniform for 1/2 hour, those shin guards we got today just about put him over the edge. To say the least, we didn't make it to his practice tonight.

Parker is such a fun, spunky kid. He is so proud of his Buzz Lightyear. You can see it on his face! It has been so fun to run into you lately. We will seriously have to plan a time after one of the games for you to come over for lunch and let the kids play. Take care, cute pregnant mama!