Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spring Fever

We've all got it (except for maybe my sister Wendy who is wierd and actually likes winter). But I am going CRAZY in this cold! We did have a little glimpse the other day when we had a high of49 deg. It was amazing. Did anyone notice the stars that night? You could actually see them! I don't know when the last time I was able to see the stars in the sky. I loved it. Anyway Spring, please hurry. I can't wait for early morning Springtime jogs outside. They are my favorite.


Chad & Keysha Peck said...

Now that we are neighbors we can do those 'early morning spring jogs' together! When are you moving? You better call me and let have Parker over to entertain Carsen! Call me please.


Word up on that one Jill! I am REALLY tired of the snow.

Nice picture! How are you feeling?

Sara & Company said...

Oh....I have never been so ready for Spring before. My sister actually had daffodil shoots coming up in her garden and with half decent weather this last week, I know it can't possibly be that much further away. Until then....I'll keep dreaming!

It was so fun to see you the other day. Good luck with your move this weekend!

Julie said...

What move? Where have I been? Good luck on that! Make sure you post your new address on the website for Duzz so you can get an invite to the big Oakcrest reunion this summer!